How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Posted by on Nov 12, 2017 in Home Maintenance, home watcher 247 Blog

How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

When leaving your home for an extended period of time, protecting and maintaining your home is just as important as protecting the items you bring with you. Be sure to take the necessary steps to give you peace of mind while you’re away!

1. Get a home monitoring system.

Home security is absolutely essential and there’s many options to choose from, so make sure you opt for one that fits your home. Some home security systems even allow you to view live video remotely from your phone, so you can see what’s happening in real-time. This small investment is well worth your peace of mind! If you have a bookie pay per head reviews office, this is the ideal monitoring system for you!

2. Keep up on regular home maintenance.

Do you normally have gardeners keep up your lawn and landscaping? Weekly visits from the pool guy? Keep these schedules. If any potential thief is staking out houses, they’ll notice if something is off.

3. Keep a low profile on social media.

It’s well-known that you shouldn’t advertise vacations online (or anywhere, for that matter) before taking off your trip, but maybe even more importantly is double-checking your social media sites to ensure your address is not readily available to anyone seeking it. Delete any past posts, party invites, or Facebook events that may include your phone number as well, as its all too easy to do a quick Google search and link a phone number to an address!

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