About HomeWatcher247.com


HomeWatcher247.com is a Home and Property management service that is located in North Georgia on the banks of Lake Lanier and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We are the one stop shop solution for complete property and home management services. We will find a solution to your problems no matter that they may be. Big or Small.

We specialize in watching your homes, houses, farms, and other property you may own. Resort homes and lake homes are a huge priority.  We specialize in this for three reasons.

  1. People are only at their Lake and Mountain Home during the summer months when it is cooler than where they live
  2. People live at their Mountain homes until it gets cold and they move to a warmer client.
  3. People own rental property, time shares, or vacation homes they need a full-time/part-time management company to manage the property outside of the home and to check inside when the property is not rented

Homewatcher247 offers many packages and services for any client. We have weekly, monthly and seasonal specials. We also have a list of individual services we offer as well if packages are more than you need. Please also remember, that if a service you may need that is not listed then please contact us for a specialized quote. There are very few services we cannot accommodate.  If we can’t provide it we will put you in touch with someone trustworthy who can.

Speaking of quality and ownership you can trust, here is a little about James Lyons, the owner of Homewatcher247:

James has been serving the North Georgia area for over 25 years. He is one of the top sellers of high-end homes resort properties. The homes he has sold can be found across the shores of Lake Lanier and the mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Today James focuses on high-end homes and resort properties, but that wasn’t always the case. He moved up the ladder at every company he has owned or been employed. He started at the ground floor and with his hard work, great personality, and trustworthiness he has been able to amass a large and loyal client list. This is homeowners, property owners, and contractors.

Over the years of selling these homes and properties, James learned how important it is to have someone look after  their valuable investment.  Homewatcher247.com now offers what every home or property owner needs.  A trusted name to look after the property like it was his own.  We now offer that neighbor next door service to leave you feeling confident in your property while you are away.

Whether you need help maintaining your Betting Directory office for your iGaming Business or your vacation resort, we can help!