Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by on Apr 20, 2018 in home watcher 247 Blog

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The excitement of spring and summer is here! But every year as we head into new seasons, whether winter to spring or summer to fall; there are many home maintenance issues that you should take care of this time of year.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts: After the cold winter and there is no danger of frost, it’s important to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired.

  • Reseal woodwork: Decks, railing, fences and other outdoor wooden structures will last longer if they are restained! Take this time of year to reseal and do minor repairs. Also, keep a lookout for insects and call a licensed exterminator to check for termites.
  • Roof inspection: Winter can cause all sorts of damage to your roof. Make sure to do a quick visual assessment of your roof to look for damage.
  •  Inspect driveways and paths: Freezing and thawing is rough on concrete, asphalt and other hardscaping materials. Take a walk around your property to look for damage to walkways, paths and driveways, and schedule repairs as needed. Asphalt can often be patched, but damaged concrete may need to be replaced entirely.
  • Check sprinkler systems: Checking your sprinklers or irrigation systems can save on water during the spring and save your plants heading into the summer months.
  • Prevent mosquitos and bugs: The best way to prevent mosquitos is to get rid of any standing water.
  • Check screens, doors and windows: Screens let the breeze come in and keeps the bugs out! Make sure yours are free of tears and holes.
  • Schedule AC service: There’s nothing worse than turning on your AC during the first warm day of spring and it not working! To get the longest life out of your AC is to change the filters at least once each season, and hire a professional to service cooling equipment before the start of summer.

If you are looking at this to-do list and are overwhelmed; give Homewatcher 24/7 a call!! We offer property Maintenance and management packages for all seasons.  No matter where you live, your home and property need different care depending on the season.

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